Block Lists
  • 10 Dec 2021
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Block Lists

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Teachers can create block lists that contain sites to be blocked during class sessions. When starting or scheduling a class, the teacher can choose which block list to enforce during that class session.

To create a new block list, go to the Web links menu and click on the Block Lists tab. From this screen click Add Block List.


In the List Details section on the left, you can enter a Name and Description for the block list.

In the Sites section on the right, click Add, then add the sites you want to block in the field, separated by commas. Once you've finished, click Add.

When your block list is ready to go, click Save in the upper right corner.

Using a Block List

You can use a block list when starting a class by selecting it from the dropdown labeled Enforce Custom block list.


You can also do the same when scheduling a class from the Class Schedule options. For more information, see Scheduling classes.


Notes on Block Lists

  • When a student navigates to a blocked URL, they will see a message that the site was blocked by a teacher, and the name of the block list in use.

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