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  • 22 Feb 2022
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My Account

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The My Account menu allows you to change your personal account settings, and is accessible from the dropdown in the upper right corner of most screens.


General Settings

A new password can be set by clicking Change password. Enter your new password twice, then click Save.


Class session summaryEach teacher of a class received a session summary email when a class session ends. Use this setting to enable or disable the email summary.
Important system alertsThis option is availble only to organization admins and enables or disabled email alerts on system events.
Lost Mode MesagesThis setting is available only to administrators. It determines whether or not an email alert is send when a device previously put into Lost Mode comes back online.

Class session preferences

Chat display nameThis setting is used to change the display name of the teacher that students see in the student chat window
Enable notification sound for chat and hand raiseWhen enabled, an alert sound will play when a student sends a chat message or uses the hand raise feature. This is particularly useful during remote teaching.
Play sound when student enters classWhen enbled, a doorbell sound notification will play on the teacher's device when a student in an active class session comes online. This is useful during remote teaching when teachers are online for an extended period of time and students "drop in" as needed.
Force chat window openWhen enabled, the chat window on the student device will be forced open when the teacher sends a chat message, rather than just displaying a glowing chat icon and waiting for the student to open it.
Force focused (active) window to maximizeThis option automatically forces the currently active window on the student’s Chromebook to maximize to full screen. This prevents side-by side windows and can help with keeping students focused on a single site at a time. It can also help prevent students from leaving a window to the side with a video they want to watch (YouTube, Netflix, etc.) while leaving their schoolwork in a main focused window that the teacher sees in thumbnail view.

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